Sleep and rest well! Hotel Keskipiste, Kärsämäki






Hotelli Keskipiste history

Hotel Keskipiste accommodation started about 10 years ago at Motel Tekstiilitalo. During that time we build four rooms to the southern part of the house in an empty hall. House was originally Svala’s factory, from where over hunderd sewers were making different outfits.

At that time, motel rooms didn’t have own shower or toilet, but those were build on three hallways. Later motel got its own sauna and kitchen, which are still in use.

The Motel got so good reception that we decided to expand and build seven more rooms to the north part of the facility. These new rooms had their private showers and toilets and few also had sauna as well. At the same time we changed our name to Hotelli Keskipiste.

Couple of years ago we started to expand again, when Finnsvala decided to move to another facility. Now we are still building new rooms. From seven new rooms four is already ready and three more are to come.

Our hotel servers breakfast at the local restaurant Paalupaikka, which is located next to our hotel. Our hotel can offer warm hall for motorcyclists. In the hall, you can also wash your bike or even your car as an additional service.

We develop our hotel all the time. At the moment we are planning to open our own restaurant and meeting / sauna facilities.