Sleep and rest well! Hotel Keskipiste, Kärsämäki






Hotel policies and rules

Check-in between 14.00 – 00.00

If you make reservation after 22:00 for the same night, hotel has right to charge you additional cost of €10,00..

Check-out on leaving day at 12:00

Leave the keys to the rooms door. You can extend the time for a fee, if room has no overlapping reservations ( cost €20,00 per hour ).

Reservation payments and cancellations

Room is to be paid during the breakfast, unless other method has been agreed beforehand.
Reservation can be cancelled without extra fees one day before the reservation day ( before 18:00 ). Hotel has rights to charge for reservations, which were not cancelled / which were not cancelled on time.

General rules

  • Follow good manners, give other hotel users chance to have pleasant sleep and peace at the hotel
  • Customer is obligated to compensate for the damages s/he causes to hotel property
  • Hotels shared equipment can be used ( fridgerator, coffee maker, microwave )
  • Smoking is not allowed in the rooms. If customer smokes in the room, we will charge €100,00 for the cleaning.
  • Hotel has silence time from 23:00 to 07:00.
  • Hotel staff right to remove people who does not obey the hotel policies, from the hotel.

Pets are welcome to our hotel. For pets we charge €15,00 fee per stay.
If you have pets with you, please tell us about it beforehand as some of our rooms are allergy free rooms, where pets can’t be accommodated.
For pets that are brought without our knowledge to allergy free room, we will charge €100,00 extra for cleaning the allergy free room.

Pets are not allowed to sleep in hotel beds. Owner must not leave the pet alone in the hotel room for long period of time. Pets are not allowed to be washed in the hotel bathrooms. Pets are not allowed to stay outside the hotel or in shared parts of the hotel, to ensure coziness of other hotel customers.

Hotel customers have free access to wireless Internet. You get password from the staff when you arrive.


Breakfast is included in room prices and served every day between 6.00 to 10.00. During Saturdays and Sundays breakfast is served from 07:00 to 10.00.

Children and additional beds

  • One children under 2 years can stay at the hotel with his/her parents without extra fee
  • Additional bed costs €25,00 per night
  • Cradle rental cost is €15,00 per night

Check availability of the additional beds / cradles before making the reservation.